TLC 2017: Fashion Foes and Friends

I realize I can’t call myself the Fashion Police because Breezango already occupies that slot. So welcome back to another installment of the needs a name edition, possibly recurring series, where I go through the looks of a WWE pay per view event. This time – it is Tables, Ladders and Chairs!!!!!

Alicia Fox vs Sasha Banks. This has the super unfortunate narrative of Alicia being crazy and frankly it is exhausting. I do appreciate Alicia going all in on being dramatic and over the top with it. It just sucks it has to come from the crazy angle.

I grabbed this from because this was apparently pre-show and I already wrote my thoughts on it and didn’t wanna hunt down a the video to take a screen cap.

Alicia looked amazing in her yellow and sparkle neon. I couldn’t decide how I felt about the ripped fishnet sleeves but I guess that goes back to being crazy. Sasha’s outfit looked like a last choice and was kinda understated for her. The diamond plate mustache bits on it or something. The pink clashed a lot with her hair and it wasn’t very dynamic. Someone left a lot of makeup on the mat but I have no idea if there is any makeup sealer in this universe that can prevent that from happening. But this was a pretty quick match and the women not getting the same attention and support as the men. Alicia taps.

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Hell in a Cell 2017: Fashion Victims, Villains and Victors

It was my first viewing of Hell in a Cell! Given I am relatively new to watching wrestling the bulk of what I can comment on is fashion and I am filled with a lot of opinions. And glitter. And feelings. Let’s get into it!


Up Up Down Down

New Day showed up in their pink, blue, and black outfits. Everything sparkled and it was mixed textures so it looked really interesting and picked up light well. I’m really glad that as a trio they can coordinate colors and have a unique identity but still have a cohesive look. It’s like they learned from early Destiny’s Child and thought “we’re gonna go the other direction” which is the right choice.

The New Day and Usos feud has been going a while and it has been enjoyable.

My high school colors were red and black.

Jimmy and Jay switched up their look from the usual all black everything and opted for red accents. Again, they knew it was a special day. It looked really good in the ring and the red helped make the action more visible since the cell does a lot of visual obstruction. I have to wonder what you can see when you’re in the arena at the event.

And with this opener, this is when I thought I was ready and everything was tossed out the door immediately. Because New Day brought a band room with them and stashed it under the ring. More cowbell, anyone? Usos had a bunch of kendo sticks and some handcuffs. Tables were probably used too. I dunno. This match could be summed up as: Everything Happens So Much!! Usos won.

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Getting Post Verbal Life Advice From Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova

This site has been a barren wasteland for a while because I had no idea what I was doing with it. For years I ran my own hockey blog (I still find this word tremendously embarrassing) and I spent so many hours working on it and on other sites for free. I dumped money I barely had into season tickets and Center Ice subscriptions and often was a point person for info on WHL talent. Then I bitterly watched people I helped in the community around me get snatched up to work for the sport. My work was for nothing. I got tired of being used and harassed by the culture and sealed it all up and swept it away years back.

So I hit my brand crisis. I’m too stubborn to change my username. I’m stuck with it. Time to re-tool the content.

I dragged my heels on this because I didn’t have a direction. Instead of working on it, I just watched episodes of UNHhhh and put it out of my mind. UNHhhh is an approximately weekly series on YouTube where drag queens Trixie and Katya “discuss whatever we want…because it’s our show – not yours!” Trixie is the one who looks like Dolly Parton by way of Barbie but in 1996. Katya is the one who looks like she runs time share scams on weekends at the local Howard Johnson.

The thrill of watching Trixie and Katya is they delight in making the other laugh as they talk about whatever topic they picked for the episode. There are actually nuggets of good advice to be had (for dating profiles, use a picture where you’re only at a six and a half but show up to the date a 10).

On paper, it’s easy to write the show off as another low budget, self indulgent basement YouTube series. But Katya and Trixie have fantastic chemistry and even as a viewer watching at home on my laptop I feel welcome into their bubble of weird and can forget about the slog of real life for a bit. Their production team polishes these diamonds and accents the pair with green screen touches. You quickly pick up on their brand – from the dramatic THWOORP of Katya opening her fan to buzzer sound every time Trixie makes Katya crack up and cling to Trixie for dear life.  They have no shortage of embarrassing stories about their lives. Please enjoy the story of a truly unique man Trixie hooked up with who thankfully didn’t serial kill her.

In November, Trixie and Katya take their show from YouTube to Viceland, which somehow is a real channel. They’re keeping their fantastic crew which turns their zany antics into a green screen wonderland full of absurdist captions and more THWOORPS than you can count.

What am I doing with this site? I’m still not sure. But I’m gonna do whatever I want because it’s my space – and not yours. I just need two drag queens to remind me this.

As If! Cher, Dionne and Tai Get the Comic Book Treatment

For better or for worse – we’re in a 90s revival of sorts. It’s easy to complain about the fact chokers are in fashion again. Flatliners is apparently getting rebooted. And O-Town now exists as an indie band of sorts. Personally, I’m just glad I get another chance at looking cool. I was never cool in the 90s. I studied my teen films religiously but at the end of it all – I was always the dork.

So it’s a good time for Clueless to surface again. This time in a graphic novel titled Clueless: Senior Year that is put out by Boom Box! which falls under the Boom Studios umbrella. Writers on this are Amber Benson and Sarah Kuhn. Illustrated by Siobhan Keenan, colored by Shan Murphy, lettered by Jim Campbell. I was a bit confused by this release. Last I knew it was announced as an ongoing series. Then it sorta fell off the radar. I thought it had been shelved then saw one Wednesday there were Tweets recommending it. So I had my shop order it in for me. I was surprised when a graphic novel arrived.

Ms. Geist lives to challenge Cher.

I thought the book looked really bright and fun and captured the sense of Amy Heckerling’s film. The clothes were pretty bang on. And for me, it was bittersweet to see Tai again (man, Brittany Murphy is missed). Don’t worry, Josh is here too. Because for whatever reason, a whole generation of women imprinted on Paul Rudd in their youth and the crush has persisted literal decades. I was glad to see that this book, while based on an existing property, wasn’t burdened with cheap/fast/lazy art. It’s clear this team took the the book seriously and it’s gorgeous.

The plot finds Cher, Dionne and Tai about to wrap up their high school education with a final project. They need to find out who they are and what path they want to take and consider their future. The book makes great use balancing the presence of Dionne and Tai (this isn’t the Cher show). And they each get a chance to shine they think deeply about life after high school. I think storywise this skews a bit more to the tween and young adult set, though there’s still the jokes about blowing and herbal refreshment. It has a lot of positive messages and the girls in the book are encouraged to think of their identity and being their own person without the tangles of their boyfriends.

I think really my only snag is I couldn’t pin down the year this was actually supposed to be set in. Some of the language and slang felt across the board from 1994 to 1998. What I thought was so successful with the film is the vernacular was so incredibly of the moment and felt genuine. The writer’s notes went into detail about composition of the language. But really, it’s a minor thing and I don’t think many other readers would care about that. I did check when Jimmy Choo shoes were established because one of the characters mentioning them felt out of place and not congruent with the brands of the time but I guess Jimmy’s were around after all.

The book closes in a good place and I’d like to see more – because just what do these three get up to in college.

Pick up Clueless Senior Year in your local comic shop. Or if you are gonna shop Amazon, use this link so I at least get credit for your purchase 🙂

Don’t Let Steve Rogers Down

Nick Spencer defending Richard Spencer is all kinds of vile. The fact that Nick is helming the Captain America book and thought it’d be great to turn Steve Rogers into a nazi really really sucks. From the perspective of retail, the book has been on the downward slide – and a steep one. Issue one had a huge media bump and a lot of people that never read comics or read Cap picked it up. And then that skewed numbers. Not too much of that audience carried over to issue two. As the series went on, I watched a lot of customers let out a long sigh and say “Take this off my list.”

There’s a lot of good people who are aware of things and are in the position of ordering comics. And if not, they’re in the position of selling them. So what do we do with shit like this? I’ve had the great fortune of being able to talk to my boss when things come to light about a creator and what we’ll do about the book.There have been far too many times unfortunately we’ve discussed what to do about titles where someone working on it has a streak for harassing women – for example.

I told him once I could no longer support a certain book because someone working on it title searched on Twitter and picked a fight with me and wouldn’t leave me alone until I blocked him. He didn’t question my reasoning for letting the title go or ask me to give it another chance. He just nodded and said, “I’ll adjust my numbers.” When we had sold out of copies and a customer asked why it was out he said to them “a man working on the book harassed one of my employees on Twitter and I didn’t want to order it anymore.”

So we let the book die.

For Cap, I paid attention to what customers said how they felt about the book. And I didn’t go out of my way to recommend the title. If I was asked about it, I’d shrug and say I disagreed with it and it wasn’t for me and recommend something else. There were times people held up a book to ask my thoughts and without hesitation I’d say “I don’t give them my money because _____.” Usually the customer would nod and be content with my answer, rarely was I challenged on my reasons.

What can you do about this? A few of you have asked what can be done. You can write to Marvel and tell them the values their writer is promoting and encouraging personally and in their work is harmful. You can ask Marvel what are they going to do to keep your business. Their email address is – if you want  your letter potentially run in the back of the comic book, sign at the bottom “ok to print.” There was an online form you can fill out but that page seems broken. I can’t guarantee you’ll get a response or acknowledgement, but let’s see what we can do about getting him cut loose.

Please Remove Life From My Face

Last year, I cashed out a bunch of Ulta points and used giftcards and picked up the Foreo Luna Mini. And after coupons and stuff, I snagged the normally $99 for about $20.

I was intrigued! I mean, yeah it looks like some high-end erotic implement that Sweden exports. But I was ready to move on from my trusty Clarisonic. Plus I was tired of popping the brush off my Clarison and cleaning the residue under it. And I was tired of replacing brushes all the time as well. So the no fuss design of Foreo was appealing.

it’s cute!!!!

The rubbery nature seems odd at first but really scrapes the gunk off your face. There’s a little pulse at times increments so you know to move on to the next face area. Oh and the other side has different bristles for the extra deep cleansing.

After I washed off the cleanser it felt like my skin was honestly breathing. It was a total Disney princess moment. I was the gal in those ridiculous commercials all smiley because my skin was smooth.

Oh and I only had to charge this sucker TWICE in the whole year. And it is safe to leave in the shower too.

So what cleansers should you use with this? Well, nothing with grit! You’ll rip your face off. I’ve discovered ones that are thicker or more cream in texture don’t lather as well and it feels more like you’re just pushing it around your face instead of being productive. Here’s what I like to use:

Formula 10.0.6 Best Face Forward is about $6 and smells pleasantly like a cherry Blow Pop. I’ve tried a bunch of other products by this brand and been really happy with everything. So check out the Deep Down Detox Mud Mask and the Get Your Glow on peel mask.

Alba Botanica Pineapple Enzyme Cleanser is about $8. This stuff is so wonderful. It’s like a vacation for your face and it smells like real fruit. This cleanser also does great busting up tough mascara too.

If you’re feeling really luxe – the Peter Thomas Roth Anti Aging Cleanser is $38 for 8.5 ounce bottle. A little goes a long way and I wouldn’t recommend this for daily use. So probably every few days use this for a boost in your skin routine. This did wonders for getting my stress breakout under control. There’s also a set with a bunch of other PTR products so you can test out their masks for $25 with deluxe samples and nice treat yo’ self kind of gift.

Not ready for the price of the Luna Mini? At Sally’s Beyond Belief has a similar device for $29.99. There are a few more Foreo models a step about the mini but I don’t see how they’re necessary. They boast programmable modes but I’ve found the adjustable speeds of the mini more than sufficient.

So this year, start taking care of you skin. Don’t let life suck well, the life out of you.

London’s Burning – In the House of Wicked + Divine #23

I finally got around to watching the first episode of Mariah’s World which is just reality television art house. She wants you to know how incredibly crafted it all is and how much she hates the idea of doing a “documentary” her words – but that this would be something she’s happy with. The show begins with her alter ego Bianca Storm who some us us may remember from her Heartbreaker video (hey do you remember when Jerry O’Connell was a thing). Bianca details her tangled history with Mariah complete with a flashback to the Making the Video on MTV as if we forgot. The whole thing is engineered with an inch of its life but it doesn’t take away from the entertainment of instances where for reasons entirely unknown Mariah swings off a yacht into waters clearly meant for a certain tax bracket. Mariah is wearing her jewelry and sunglasses with her most likely one of a kind dress and makeup that took at least an hour to apply and in a moment of seeming impulse she hops off the boat.

It’s Mariah’s World. We just live in it. via Realitytvgifs.

Mariah appears in nothing less than immaculate clothes and heels. Her standard is casual evening wear that looks best when she is draping herself on a chaise lounge. She makes her team come to here home to plan out the details of her new tour. A man runs through her songs on a laptop while she barely props herself up on said chaise lounge in a formal gown. She was probably wearing jewels too. Her dancers, all very attractive and muscular fellas, rehearse and run through numbers in some kind of den space with a marble floor that has a billiards table in the way. She bemoans the the diva life and needing people to help her put on her shoes because Oprah said that is nothing you should have in your life. Instead it takes four assistants to hold her up and get her buckled into her off duty dominatrix stilettos.

All of this diva construction and packaged presentation of the pop star image reminded me I never really did get around to running through issue 23 of The Wicked + The Divine which had been rattling in my bones and nearly splintering me as I waited in anticipation. I had been screeching about this issue since we first saw that Morrigan cover by Kevin Wada and he tossed her in a Givenchy/early 90s Thierry Mugler bodysuit. About a minute after I saw that cover I swore at Kevin because I knew I was going to have to find a way to create this for a cosplay with my negative sewing skills and like twenty dollars in my pocket.

Morrigan cover B issue 23 wicdiv

When the teaser images arrived and the spare excerpts came I tweeted to Kevin I was going to have to recap the issue in only Paris is Burning gifs because I don’t know how else to sum up the drama and eleganza which was in store.

Though after reading it, really that wouldn’t be enough to dig into what a departure of form 23 was.

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The Incredible Bitterness of Jessica Jones

There was a lot of television I liked this year and by the total lack of content here I clearly spent no time talking about it.

Plenty of things have been written about Jessica Jones. So many women sharing their stories about the horrors they’ve faced in their lives with their own Kilgraves. There’s some terrible bond we have where we all laugh bitterly as we recount the shit we went through that has happened to way too many of us.

Leading up to the show, there was a lot of talk about how it would be handling the most definitely rapist villain. So many awkward and uncomfortable discussions about the need to be faithful to source material. There was a sick obsession with what would be seen onscreen and I just tapped out and did my best to avoid it all.

It got worse the week before the show would premiere – with men concern policing and adamantly telling women they should never watch the show. They would remind us that Jessica is a rape victim and that Kilgrave was going to be the big bad of the season. And men would just sit back, shake their heads and say “I don’t know why a woman would watch the show.”

Here’s the thing – I’m really glad we’re in a place with media where we can check in with each other and give a head’s up on what could be something a viewer doesn’t walk into blind. Sometimes I need to be in a certain kind of clarity before tackling a show or movie. I take this information and decide for myself if I want to pass or see it through.

It still utterly infuriates me all these men are wrapping us in bubblewrap and screaming over us about how Jessica Jones isn’t for us. Jessica Jones absolutely was for me. As I watched it I sifted through my own experiences and I took solace knowing she’d make it through and come out victorious.

Here’s what I don’t like about the effects of Jessica Jones:

I have yet to hear a man say he learned something. I haven’t read anything by a man saying what he took away from the series was the need to challenge the culture which allows Kilgraves to exist and encourages their actions. I’ve seen plenty of men criticizing Jessica because she isn’t nice and soft in handling her trauma. They’ve called her abrasive and unlikable without even seeing the connection to Kilgrave. I’m waiting for a guy to say “I’ve known friends like him.” But there has been nothing but deafening silence.

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But Lemme Take a Selfie

There weren’t many television shows this fall I was interested in but Selfie had definitely stuck out to me. What can I say, I like shows I can watch that I don’t have to think about (within reason). Really there wasn’t much different about the premise was My Fair Lady – but with Karen Gillan and John Cho!

I really enjoyed the pilot and my friends seemed horrified by this and some even remarked how terrible the characters were….But that was the point. Karen’s Eliza Dooley goes to John’s Henry Higgs for the sake of an image makeover. The point was Eliza was self absorbed and way too involved in her social sphere. The point was Henry was boring, no fuss and a shunner of Facebook. The point was their would be the other’s balancing influence.

One thing the show got right (to hyperbolic levels) was the usage of social media – from the lingo to leveraging it as a visual aspect of story. It was nice to look at. It was quickly revealed what the

popularity on social media meant to Eliza but she realized she was without genuine friends. At first it seemed the series was going to toss Eliza into the vapid and shallow pile and let Henry groom her. Which is creepy and uh gross. But that was pushed to the side and it became more about their dynamic interactions and them being a duo. Of course – they were establishing the romantic elements.


They love canceling ambitious comedies. I’m still sour over Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 and Happy Endings. There was something great on the horizon for Selfie. And it was going to be about women in my age bracket and what others presume. Eliza was the quiet asset at her work. Really, everyone figured she was dumb and superficial but that was her power. She was being counted out but was off on her own path to solve problems.

Another thing that stings about this cancelation is: John Cho. Asian men don’t get cast as the romantic lead. I cannot think of a show or film where that is the role an Asian man has played that.

Karen’s physical comedy was fantastic. I liked her rapid fire hashtag speak. Oh and the fashion for both Henry and Eliza was aces.

The remaining episodes will be released to Hulu. And I have another show to mark down as a one season wonder.

[This first appeared on Watch It Now over on Tumblr]